Full-Stack Web Development Training

The Full-Stack Web Development training in Abuja provides a career in the software development industry for anyone.

The training is designed to teach students about the full cycle of software development, from idea to finished product. Students will learn various programming languages and frameworks. As well as how to create databases, web page layouts, and interactive elements like graphics, buttons and forms.

We will teach you how to use the following technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and Git. You will learn how these tools work together to create an interactive web page as well as how they contain some of the most common and important features of modern webpages.

We’ll also teach you what it takes to become a professional software developer and some of the challenges you might face in this career path.

Full-stack web development training in Abuja

What you will learn

Building a full-stack application with a backend and frontend using Node, Express, React and Redux

 Getting started with Node.js by creating our first project, Hello World!

Setting up a production ready environment from scratch using NPM scripts and configurations

Work with NoSQL databases like MongoDB

Build full-stack web apps with Facebook’s React Framework
Build mobile-friendly websites with Bootstrap 4 & CSS